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We use our specialist knowledge to assist major geological and civil engineering projects. Our work ranges from initial brainstorming meetings, developing specifications and reviewing reports to carrying out the front end investigations and providing the conceptual geological models on which design is subsequently based. A large part of recent work has involved interpretation of geological, geophysical and geotechnical data and follow-up studies to learn from the construction stage of projects.


Specialist services include:

Chalk Core Logging

Core-logging provides the front-end detailed information on which all other decisions depend. It is vital that experienced geologists are used for this purpose and Rory regards this as one of his and ChalkRock’s most important tasks. Ensuring consistency of results across a major scheme such as London’s Crossrail or Thames Water’s London Thames Tunnels is achieved by logging key boreholes and checking others so that reliable ground profiles can be constructed where faults, lateral variations and degree of weathering can be correctly identified.

Interpretation and integration of geological and geophysical data

The integration of graphical borehole logs with a suite of down-hole geophysics, including optical and acoustic camera logs, with geotechnical test results provides the best opportunity to develop a ground model. In offshore cases, the additional use of seismic surveying enhances the extension of results over a wide area.


Chalk core logging courses are regularly run prior to starting the ground investigations for major projects for engineers, supervisors and the contracting teams. These courses are followed up during the ground investigation to help the logging teams identify particular features such as marker beds, natural fractures and engineering grade.



Every ground investigation yields new information about the geology of the Chalk. We are concerned to ensure this information is not lost and benefits the nation and future generations. To make this happen we join with our collaborating organisations to publish as much as is possible in academic journals and contribute to local professional and amateur societies and to schools, colleges and universities with talks and field trips.



Our Cretaceous Chalk research has been directed towards developing and establishing the pure geological frameworks of stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology and geomorphology. This work has assisted in the remapping of the Chalk in England with BGS and the recognition of variations in ground conditions that underpin all aspects of the applied geology of Chalk including engineering, hydrogeology and reservoir geology.


Field Studies

As part of the broad remit to pass on knowledge and enhance the understanding of Chalk and Upper Cretaceous geology we regularly lead field courses in the UK, Europe and as far afield as Cyprus. These courses focus on the needs of particular groups ranging from enhancing the core-logging through seeing the real field examples, to obtaining data directly relevant to reservoir studies or as general studies for interest and continuing further education.

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